Tips to study just before IIT JEE exam

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Tips to study just before IIT JEE exam

Now, before you read this, just ask yourself that how would you study for the IIT JEE just before the IIT JEE exam ?

Very rarely, a student would be knowing an answer to this question. Once the IIT JEE begins to come closer, many questions begin to start revolving in the students minds like

I have studied everything, What should I study now ?
So Less time, so much to study, Is it possible ?
Why couldn't the IIT JEE hold exams on 3 separate days ?
and many more ...

We at IIT JEE Guidance have tried our level best to solve this most major problem being faced by students. Before we tell you about how you should study for IIT JEE just before the IIT JEE exam, we at IIT JEE Guidance assume that you have already prepared for IIT JEE and only the revision part of IIT JEE is left.

Before the screening exam, first of all you should pick up a sample paper and try to solve it sitting isolated in a room for 3 hours . Note that the word "isolated" is important here. By isolating yourself in a room for 3 hours, you can solve the sample paper with your full concentration, also try and make yourselves comfortable in that room so that you wont have to go out of that room every time. After you solve it, check it using the solutions. Also, note down the topics you are weak at and first of all, try to clear up those topics. Clearing your weak topics first is important. If you do not do it then, you would never be able to do it. Also, weak topics vary from one student to other student. Do take a short test of your weak topics. Read all the important formulae and concepts as well. Also don't forget to read the notes from IIT JEE Guidance.

Before the main exam, we understand that there is a less of a time. At this time, you should only solve the questions asked in previous IIT JEE exams and also do lots of its practice.

On the day just before the IIT JEE exam, have a non-tense sleep of atleast 7 hours, if not more. Also wake up fresh by 6 A.M. for the day of the IIT JEE screening test. After taking a small bath, just after your waking up, do go through our notes carefully. Our notes or the notes from IIT JEE Guidance have been prepared especially for this. Do a similar procedure for the day of the IIT JEE main exam.

As the exam for all the 3 subjects, ie Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics is held on the same day, so divide your studying time for each of the three subjects in such a way, that you give maximum time for the toughest subject (chemistry) and a bit less time to the next toughest subject (mathematics) and a lesser amount of time, but not too less for the easiest(physics). Say, you have 12 hours to study, divide this as
4.5 hours - Chemistry(toughest)
4 hours - Mathematics(next toughest)
3.5 hours - Physics(easiest)
As is clear from the above divison, the time for the 3 subjects is more or less equal. Also, toughest and easiest subjects vary from person to person, we only have listed what we at IIT JEE Guidance felt.

Before going for the examination hall, do keep your Admit Card, Pens, Pencils, etc. ready with you.