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Coming Soon

There are a lot of things which we are planning to bring into IIT JEE Guidance.

Remember, we want to make IIT JEE Guidance a complete site for IIT JEE Aspirants. We also aim that every student, who visits IIT JEE Guidance, gets a seat in one of the IITs. IIT JEE Guidance, at present is only a baby compared to the other sites. This site has started just recently on 19 May 2003. We are aiming to make it a complete site by the end of this year.

We are also planning to introduce Online Tests with their solutions on IIT JEE Guidance for different topics. Also, about our Sample Papers section, we are going to complete it and also give solutions to each of the papers. We will also complete our IIT JEE Notes section, and give notes on each and every topic for the IIT JEE.

All this would be ready by 31 July 2003, we at IIT JEE Guidance hope.