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IIT JEE Misconceptions

Misconception 1 - The IIT JEE is a very difficult examination.

As we at IIT JEE Guidance said earlier. No examination is difficult if you have studied for it. If you do not study for that examination, it becomes to look difficult for you.

Misconception 2 - Studying for IIT JEE is tough.

If you used to think that studying for IIT JEE is tough, then you are mistaken. We at IIT JEE Guidance believe that studying for exam, what so ever the exam is, it is not at all tough. If you study by the methods which we at IIT JEE Guidance have suggested and also read our notes and sample papers properly, then studying for the IIT JEE will begin to look a bit easy.

Misconception 3 - Studying during the night from 10 P.M. to 2 A.M. is a good idea.

This Misconception is a general misconception and not just a misconception for the IIT JEE in students minds. We at IIT JEE Guidance have seen a lot of students do this. No matter what so ever the exam may be, the students always tend to destroy their sleep and study in the night from 10 A.M to 2 A.M. This is a wrong practice entering the students minds. We have also seen that the students who study in the night have a lot of problems in sleeping and waking up early. On the days they have to sleep and wake up early, those students generally start complaining of headaches. If you are one of these students living under this misconception, then you are doing a big big mistake. Also if you look at your school timings, you will find that your school used to be held generally from 7 A.M. or 8 A.M. If everyone in this world were to study at night, then no one would ever sleep before 2 A.M. and seeing sunrise would become a thing of the past. Also no school would start anytime earlier than 10 A.M. We at IIT JEE Guidance don't know how this western method of studying at night came to India. According to the Indian methods of studying, we at IIT JEE Guidance learnt that you should wake up before sunrise at around 4 A.M., take a bath, freshen up yourself and then start studying from 4:30 A.M. to 8 A.M. Even we found this Indian method of studying, good. However, we at IIT JEE Guidance are used to a much better and a much more scientific method of studying. We have already discussed that method in one of our previous topics - How to Study for IIT JEE.

Misconception 4 - IIT nahi toh Kuch bhi nahi.

This is a misconcption in the minds of many students about IIT. They think that IIT is the one and only good institute for Engineering and Technology in India. This is a totally wrong fact in students minds. We at IIT JEE Guidance have also heard about many students commiting suicide with the fact that they were not able to clear IIT JEE. We at IIT JEE Guidance do consider IIT as the best institute, but there are many more good institues in India. Also, when you sit to give your first IIT JEE after your Class XII examinations, you should know that this is your first IIT JEE exam and you should give it your best in that. Do not be disheartened if you are not able to clear your first IIT JEE exam. Do give it everything to clear IIT JEE, the next time you give it. If you have worked really hard, the results will be in front of you. You will get selected for IIT JEE. We at IIT JEE Guidance wish you all the best for doing it. Coming back the topic, Besides the IIT JEE, there are many more Engineering enterance examinations like CBSE-AIEEE (CBSE All India Engineering Enterance Examination), DCE-CEE (Delhi College of Engineering Combined Enterance Examination), UPSEAT,etc. There are many good engineering colleges of India covered under these exams. If you are not able to clear IIT JEE, do give it your best to prepare for these exams.